ACI Facilitation and Airport IT Publications

The Airport Digital Transformation Best Practice is a decision and implementation resource for airport managers responsible for evolving their companies in a digital world.

ACI ASQ team has launched an innovative guide, ACI Passenger Personas: A new approach to passenger profiling. This publication aims to support airports in developing a deeper understanding of the needs of the traveler.

This innovative research paper is a vital tool for airports in their efforts to analyze, target and raise non-aeronautical revenue. The in-depth analysis places a unique focus on the impact of customer service provision on commercial revenue performance, charting new paths to growth in both service performance and revenue delivery.

The report of the Common Use Self Service (CUSS) Kiosk Survey conducted in 2005/2006 contains a snapshot of the current CUSS deployments. 90 airports responded to the survey giving a wide spread to the results. The report gives details on the types of deployments taking place at airports as well as details such as the location of kiosks, bag drop set ups, and the technology being deployed on the kiosks.

Airports increasingly rely on common use IT services within the terminal and airfield operations to reduce capacity congestion and increase efficiency. This new handbook provides a compilation of best industry practices taken from airports around the world and identifies some of the key areas that must be considered in the development of common use IT services. It provides airport operators with a high level overview as well as the detailed technical descriptions contained in the annexes.
This handbook, primarily addressed to airport operators, is intended to enhance the accessibility of air travel to persons with disabilities.

The Application of Biometrics at Airports position paper provides general recommendations on the development and implementation of biometrically enabled programmes for border control, passenger facilitation and staff access control. It was produced by a Task Force set up by ACI’s Governing Board which approved the paper at its meeting on 6 November 2005.