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2015 Airport Key Performance Indicators +
2015 ACI Airport Economics Report
Airports are complex businesses that operate in unique and evolving physical, financial and regulatory environments. To give stakeholders the competitive edge they need, ACI has packaged two of its most popular outputs into one discounted bundle: ACI’s Airport Key Performance Indicators and the 2015 ACI Airport Economics Report.

ACI’s Airport Key Performance Indicators provide invaluable insight into areas ranging from financial and employee performance to fixed-asset productivity and airport operations. This complete package of indicators—which includes over 40 detailed statistical tables—is designed to provide quantifiable barometers of industry activity for airport managers, analysts, investors and other aviation stakeholders.

This edition of the ACI Airport Economics Report presents global analyses relative to airport activity for the financial year 2014. An in-depth analysis of air transport demand across the globe and in key emerging markets is presented. As in previous years, the
bedrock of the report consists of summaries of and commentary on industry revenues (aeronautical and non-aeronautical) by source and costs (operating and capital), and their evolution over time. 

Both outputs are based on an annual survey that generated responses from 818 airports for the 2014 financial year. Together, these airports handled 4.8 billion passengers or about 71% of worldwide passenger traffic in 2014.  

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