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ACI Runway Safety Handbook - First Edition 2014


The ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee (STSC) developed this Handbook to provide methodologies and best practices that can be implemented to assist airport operators to achieve a “state of the art” level of runway safety. This handbook provides guidance material for the development of a runway safety programme for all aerodrome (large or small) as well as ways to tailor, improve and expand existing programmes. The Handbook’s four chapters are focused on the perspective of aerodrome operators:

  • Runway Safety describes how to establish a Runway Safety Team and implement a Runway Safety Programme;

  • Planning and Design explains how to prevent or mitigate infrastructural hazards of runway incursion, excursion and confusion during Master Planning and Designing;

  • Operations provides methodologies of runway inspection, dissemination procedures for Aero-nautical Information Service (AIS) and best practices of FOD management and obstacle control; and

  • Maintenance, Temporary Restriction and Construction provides proactive activities to prevent or mitigate accidents or incidents for those activities.

The aim has been to produce a current ‘best practice’ guidance document without it being overly detailed. Therefore, of necessity, it cannot cover all situations. Further information is available from the expanded Useful Documents and Websites section at the end of this Handbook. These best industry practices, and methodologies, should be implemented in a manner commensurate with the type and level of aircraft activities at a particular airport.


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