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ACI Guide to Airport Security: Assessment of Human Factors in Checkpoint Security

More than five billion passengers travel annually through our member airports and all of them have to go through the pre-departure screening process at least once on their journey. It is a bottleneck that can greatly influence their perception of the airport. Managing the checkpoint security operation is one of the most difficult tasks in airports today. As managers, it is essential we get it right.

This guide aims to equip managers with a deeper understanding of the human factors that contribute to effective passenger screening. These factors cover the 'people' involved and how we recruit, select and train our security officers. They address the 'organization' structures and the work processes we use. They look at the 'technology' component - the critical interface between man and machine - and how well we optimize the screening checkpoint's working 'environment'.

This guide is also a tool to help airports benchmark their strengths and weaknesses. It is a living document and our aim is to develop it further with case studies and guidance on what airports can do to bridge their gaps.

It is a ground-breaking piece of work and one which ACI is proud to make available to members in cooperation with LeighFisher. As a benchmarking tool it enables us to measure and compare performance. More importantly, as we have seen in airport service quality, it brings a deeper understanding of our processes and how we can improve them. It provides a catalyst for innovation and continuous improvement which, through time, raises the bar across the industry.

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