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Aviation Benefits 2017 - Industry High Level Group Report
The Aviation Benefits 2017 report explains in detail how well-supported air transport capabilities in cities, States and regions contribute tremendously to increasing consumer benefits and choices, job creation and numerous other socio-economic spin-offs. A joint initiative between ACI, ICAO, CANSO, IATA and ICCAIA it highlights the industry’s commitment to the sustainable development of aviation as tool for growth and development. 

It is aimed mainly at government leaders and national planners, contains a summarized checklist on the steps to be taken by governments to maximize these air transport benefits, helpful overviews of the related investment, partnership and planning priorities, and comprehensive regional summaries of aviation’s far-reaching socio-economic impacts. It also provides a comprehensive overview of how international aviation connectivity directly aids governments’ ongoing efforts to achieve 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals adopted under the visionary UN Agenda 2030.
Aviation Benefits 2017 Aviation Benefits Check List

·         The Datasets:  Members: US$3,380  /  Non-members: US$5,460

o   Annual World Airport Traffic Dataset  [operating year 2016], 2017 edition

o   Annual World Airport Traffic Forecast [2017-2041] - available in September