ACI Wildlife Hazard Management Handbook - Second Edition 2013

Wildlife Hazard Management is an important element of the operations of all airports. ACI is proud to present the completely updated and expanded Wildlife Hazard Management Handbook. Most of the text it contains has been distilled from excellent guidance material available from several large Civil Aviation Authorities around the world, ACI Member Airports' operational safety procedures, ICAO material and other international aviation and non-aviation organizations' publications pertaining to wildlife management.

This subject is clearly of great importance to Aerodrome Operators, which want to avoid or mitigate all foreseeable risks of accidents occurring from wildlife strikes. These risks and issues have been discussed many times at ACI conferences and committee meetings; therefore, ACI believes that it has the responsibility to put forward a guide to best practice, to assist its members. It forms part of a coordinated approach by ACI to Safety Management Systems for use by its members. It complements the ACI Airside safety Handbook (4th edition 2010).

The content of this Handbook also builds upon the existing guidance in the ACI Policies and Recommended Practices Handbook, with safety related policies included in this publication for easy reference. While remaining short and succinct, it provides checklists for action, as well as an explanation of risks to be assessed and means of mitigation available. As stated in the text, local risk assessments are inevitably necessary.

In the area of staff development, ACI's Global Training offers several courses which include coverage of wildlife hazard offered by classroom delivery and online, such as the Global Safety Network Diploma.

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