Air Traffic Forecast Advisory

ACI Traffic Forecast Advisory Services

Airports Council International and DKMA have combined their teams of experts to offer one of the few genuinely world-class traffic forecasting services available.

ACI Air Traffic Forecast Advisory relies on over 30 years of experience in transport research and benefits from a unique combination of strategic advisory and research services. Over 160 forecasts projects have been undertaken by the advisory team for over 60 airports world-wide as well as for civil aviation authorities, banks and investors/consortiums.

ADVISORY SERVICES: This service is tailored specifically to each airport and provides the aviation industry with analysis of the future development of air traffic on a global, local and individual airport level.

TRAFFIC REPORT: The new publication, ACI Traffic Forecast 2012 – 2031, will be available in fall of 2012 and is set to be one of the industry reference forecasts, highlighting forecast traffic development from the perspective of the airport industry.

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