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ACI WBP Directory
The ACI WBP Directory contains complete contact information on leading corporations actively contributing to the aviation industry and focusing on airports.
In this directory, WBPs are broken down into the following categories:
  • Equipment;
  • IT & Communications;
  • Retail and Commercial;
  • Consulting and Management & Investment;
  • Handling & Airfield;
  • Planning & Construction; and
  • Security.
For a copy of the WBP Directory, or any questions please email
Regional WBP meeting updates
The ACI Regional WBP meetings bring together colleagues and peers to not only exchange ideas and network, but also to enhance WBP support and facilitation of the issues affecting airports. Furthermore, while the format varies from region to region, the common thread is to review issues facing WBPs as they interact with airports and determine how they can best be addressed. For an overview of the meetings and discussion points, please see below.

Please note this is the beta version of the ACI WBP Directory and as a result, it will be updated constantly.